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Collecting Fish Part 2

In this post I want to write which toys that give me more fish.

This line up isn't perfect. But it is the line up that I used that works best (currently) for me to give me 100-300 fish every 8 hours (300 - 900 fish every day)


ねずみさん (Nezumi-san or Mr. Mouse)
Cost: 140 fish
Shopping: 12th page, lower right
Typically give me: 0-30 fish (normal cat will give 0-15 while pirate!cat give 15-30)

果物カゴ (Kudamono kago or Fruit basket)
Cost: 80 fish
Shopping: 16th page, lower left
Typically give me: 0-15 (occasionally below 10)

ハウスデラックス (Hausuderakkusu or Deluxe house)
Cost: 40 golden fish
Shopping: 5th page, upper left
Typically give me: 0-80 fish (please note: normal cat will give us 0-30 fish for rare cat will give us 30-80 fish) (please click here for the prove)

毛糸玉 (Keito-dama or yarn ball)
Cost: 120 fish
Shopping: 3th page, lower right
Typically give me:: 0-20 fish (typically 7-15)

縦型縄爪とぎ (Tategata nawa tsumetogi or english unknown //hit to wall //i'm sorry i couldn't find it out orz)
Cost: 240 fish
Shopping: 16th page, upper left
Typically give me: 0-30 fish (a normal cat will give me 0-15, while an orange cat will give me 10-30 fish)

ひつじクッション (Hitsuji kusshon or Sheep cushion)
Cost: 250 fish
Shopping: 7th page, lower left
Typically give me: 0-30 fish

もっちりボール (Motchiri bōru or english i also don't know //hide)
Cost: 80 fish
Shopping: 3th page, lower left
Typically give me: I don't remember but it isn't much. I like how the cat play with it so I leave it there.

こたつ (Kotatsu)
Cost: 60 golden fish
Shopping: 13th page, lower right
Typically give me: 0-85 (surprise!) (there is two rare cat that came to kotatsu; white and black. They came while I'm gone so I couldn't take the picture orz) (The white rare cat gave us 20-40 fish) (the black cat gave us 30-85 fish) (I have screenshot both but I couldn't find the black, I think I might delete/move it when I'm moving my picture. I'll update this post when I found it) (But anyway, click here for the white rare cat prove) (Update! 06/03/2015: Click here for the black rare cat prove)

It become a long post.. //rolls into kotatsu// But anyway, this is all the toys in my garden ^Q^

Please note that I can get 300-900 fish daily because there is 2nd floor which can be purchase with 180 golden fish on the 18th page of shopping store..

When I have only 1st floor, I got half of the fish I get now (150 - 450 fish daily).

Again, I would like to say that this line up is not perfect. All the toys here is my personal preferences to bring out certain orange and black cat.

Do put the toys that you like, you don't have to follow all from here. Just take what you like and ignore what you don't like ( ・ิω・ิ)

I hope this post will be a bit useful or entertaining for you.

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縦型縄爪とぎ means vertical scratching post.
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