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[Cat] びすとろさん / Bisutoro-san

Personality: 職人肌 (Shokunin hada) - A craftsperson (who dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of perfection)
Combat Power: 30

Played Goods:

Image, and information of played goods is credit to Nekoatsume's Japanese Wiki (http://wikiwiki.jp/nekoatsume/)
Personality translation to Z-san

Note: Since 08 April 2015, this post is closed and will not be updated, but everyone can still comment of the others toys that this cat played.

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Re: No title

To Z-san, thank you so much! I have updated the post!
  • 2015.04.08(Wed)
  • Kuroo くろー
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He came once to the stove when it was inside the house & I had out the canned food (3 gold fish). He refuses to come again with the stove in the backyard! Maybe it only works indoors?

I had the stove in the backyard when he showed up, so that doesn't matter.
  • 2015.06.05(Fri)
  • Esther
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I just bought the new item, vase and bisutoro-san appeared and made parfait on it :)


He does arrive outdoors. I had the sushi plate out with the stove.

He will also make a parfait in the vase/parfait glass.



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