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Neko atsume (ねこあつめ): Collecting Fish Part 1

Post written per request;
> I'm running out of fish and I wanted to know how to get more, other than buying some? how long does it take to make some? can you make a post on this?!

Going straight to the answer.. ^q^
It depends on how long you started play. If you just started, it'll takes 1-3 days to raked up 50-100 fish/day or more. My first suggestion is to buy a pink yarn. The cats will come and typically give you 7-15 fish

(It cost 120 fish. On the 3rd page of shopping store)

The second is to buy a fishing-rod-shaped-like (image below) that cost 140 fish. A pirate!cat will occasionally come by and give you 15-30 fish. (Sometimes he came more than once)

(It cost 140 fish. On the 12th page of shopping store)

For the other space; it is up to you. (I occasionally change depending on my mood/liking) but those two are the toys I never change.

This post is merely a suggestion. Follow on your own risk!

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