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[Cat] まんぞくさん / Manzoku-san

Personality: まっしぐら (Masshigura) - Go straight (Literal explanation: A cat who have one goal)
Combat Power: 130

Played Goods:

Image, and information of played goods is credit to Nekoatsume's Japanese Wiki (http://wikiwiki.jp/nekoatsume/)

Note: Since 08 April 2015, this post is closed and will not be updated, but everyone can still comment of the others toys that this cat played.

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I have heard that if you wish for this cat to stop eating your expensive food put it inside as there have not yet been any cases of Manzuko-San coming inside the houses.
Also, instead of putting in new food immediately after this cat eats it all let Manzuko-San leave on his own and he will usually leave many silver / regular fish or some gold fish!!!

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