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How to delete cat's photo in their album

Hello! Chibi-san recently found out how to delete cat's photo in their album!! So, if you took too much picture/takes double, there is a way to delete it!

just found out how to delete photo :)
1. press (1 time) on photo
2. long press on photo
3. 'yes'

All you need to do is to follow Chibi-san's comment above. I made the tutorial below in image, in case!

1) Go to their photo gallery. (You first need to go to their profile then click on the cat icon above "?")

2) Tap on the photos you want to delete, once

3) Then long tap on the photos until the menu like in the image appear.

4) Tap on 'はい' and the photos is deleted!

I want to express a deep gratitude to Chibi-san who found this out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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