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How to download Nekoatsume in iOS

I just have gotten a new phone (android) yesterday and following my own guide, I have seen many holes and I would like to fix that. This post is one of those 'filling the hole' 8))

Downloading Nekoatsume in iOS is straight-forward. You just need to click here or copy paste this link into your Safari https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nekoatsume/id923917775?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8

Just the usual tap on Download and wait for it to install.

I figure this app (in iTunes) is available not for Japan only, but worldwide (because I'm lived in Indonesia and still can download via app store directly)

If you found any trouble or it is not available from where you are, please comment below! You can leave the email section empty/you doesn't have to fill it.

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