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How to turn off Mini Word Editor or FCKEditor in FC2 Blog

(P.S. Skip to the last picture if you are in hurry/prefer to get straight to the point!)

Recently I have stumbled over this option when writing a post
where it become mini word office, it was beautiful and easy to center a text, bold and it change immediately. Literally like word.

But despite that I still like the good ol' toolbox where it is minimalist and we have to manually enter the HTMl code. I preferred this toolbox because it is easier to resize an image without losing its quality (and I did that a lot of resizing here wwwww)


But wait! I couldn't find the option to turn it off and revert it back. I was stuck with this toolbox for few days. It was frustrating because I have to manually resizing all the image.

Though, after finish writing the previous posts, I decided to touch it here and there and found the way out /Cheers!!/

Just click on the faded color "W" beside setting and you are set back to the default toolbox!

I hope this article can be slightly useful for you!

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