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Weekly Quest (Tips and trick)

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Note: This is not the actual name but I will use this because it is much more easier to remember.

How to view weekly quest

(1) Tap on "Menu" at the lower right of your screen

(2) Tap on "Quest". In the game and in Japanese, it will looks like this

(3) Tap on the yellow-greenish icon. It will looks like this:

(4) The "Weekly Quest" will show up!

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How to complete weekly quest

(1) Tap on one of the quest

(2) The details of the quest will show up. Don't worry, you don't need to read it at all.

(3) Tap on the blue bar. It looks like this:

(4) The recipe of the quest will show up!

(5) You can tap on the recipe to start cooking!

Note 1: The percentage is the progress you are making. If it is full or in other words, 100%, that quest is complete!

Note 2: It is time-limited. You need to complete it within time! 日 means days while 時 means hour

Note 3: Be careful! Don't tap on the blue bar if you are doing Challenge or Weekly Challenge Quest! Please read that section to know why!

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