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What is it

If you have read the Introduction post, you may have know what it mean. But I will write it again.

Plus Pass is simply like an ID and password. So, when you change phone, you can carry your game play with you. In other words, you don't need to start from beginning.

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How to make it

(1) Tap on "Menu" on the lower right of your screen.

(2) There will be "Plus Pass" in English along with some Japanese words. Tap that option
(3) Insert desire pin (Minimum 4 numbers!) (You must remember this pin, it will act like a password!)
(4) Click on the blue option if you have enter your desire pin
(5) You will be direct to a bar where it shows you Plus Pass ID (quite long, combination of letter and number)

(Unfortunately, I have made one and didn't screenshot. At that time I didn't consider the guide. If anyone could contribute the screenshot, it will be a great help!)

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How to change my pin

(1) Tap on "Menu" on the lower right of your screen.

(2) Click on this option

(3) It will show your Plus Pass ID (I have cropped it out for security purpose)

(4) Tap on the pink option

(5) Enter your desire pin. (You don't need to confirm your pin beforehand, just tap your new pin!) (Minimum 4 digit)

(6) Tap on the blue bar and you are all set!

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