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What is the benefit of raising recipe's star

In Tokiresu, aside from level up yourself, you can level recipe as well. You can see the in the image below

It has been raise to level 2 out of 5.

Each level raise, the rich currency will raise 10% from the original's price on each level. The gourmet (which is below ), number 40, will also raise 6.25% from the original's gourmet on each level. (Gourmet point is useful to finish challenge.)

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How to raise recipe's star

To raise recipe star, we simply need to cook that recipe as many time as possible. It'll raise its star by itself.

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How to unlock recipe

To unlock recipe, you need to raise a certain recipe star to unlock another recipe. There is a database right here.

For example to unlock Udon, you need to raise Shio Musubi to 2★. To raise Shio Musubi to 2★, you simply need to make Shio Musubi as many as posible.

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