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If you have read "How to Play"'s post, or have played for a bit, you will notice that there is a heart shaped on top of idol's head. By tapping on it, you can view event where you and the idol is talking.

But, that is not just it! After viewing 5 event, you can unlock and do a Skinship!

What is a Skinship?
Skinship is basically where you can touch/poke/stroke your idol. It consist of 3 level

The first and second level, you can't touch him freely, you need to tap on the heart and avoid the blue, broken heart.

But on the last level, you can do anything (touch, stroke, poke) your idol freely! (no limit on how many time you do, but there is time-limit!) You can get various of reaction, from blushing, to sentences, the expression from him!

How to Unlock Skinship
(1) You need to view 5 event
(2) After you view the fifth event, you are given 1 day (24 hours) to do Skinship.
(3) To do Skinship, all you need to do is wait for your idol to come by your restaurant. And a love icon that looks like below will appear. (Skinship cost 5 energy, as well as viewing event! But, after you finish a skinship, you will get +25 energy back!)

The love icon will looks like this

What will happen if I do not do a Skinship within the time-limit (24 hour)? Nothing will happen except you did not get a chance to do a skinship! Your status of that idol will reset. Meaningly, if you want to do a skinship, you have to view 5 event again to unlock it..

P.S. Success in Skinship help on strengthen your relationship with the idol!

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How to check your status for Skinship

(1) Tap on "Menu" on the lower right of your screen.

(2) Tap on "Idol" option. It will looks like this in Japanese/in the game

(3) You will get to see the status!

If all the heart is filled, you will get to do a Skinship with that idol!

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Feature:Reread the past event

Do you ever want to reread the past event/conversation you had with your idol? There is that feature in Tokiresu!

(1) Tap on "Menu" on the lower right of your screen.

(2) Tap on "Idol" option. It will looks like this in Japanese/in the game

(3) Tap on the idol bar you want

(4) You will get to see the title of events. Choose one, and you can reread the events again! There is no limit on how much you can view!

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How to lure your idols to come to your restaurant

This information is thanks to Nattopudding-san.
I have also confirm it myself, that the idols indeed will often come to your restaurant, if you have the food they like

Here is the information of foods they like and low energy recipe to 'lure' them.

3 Majesty

Tsukasa Kirishima

Favorite food(s): Health food, appetizers

Unfavorite food(s): Junk food

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
Tonic water/トニックウォーター [-8 energy] +3 flowers

Shinnosuke Otowa

Favorite food(s): Sweets

Unfavorite food(s): Spicy food, cheese

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
Vanilla ice-cream (cone)/ バニラアイス(コーン) [-8 energy] +3 flowers
Cake muffin/ケーキマフィン [-8 energy] +3 flowers

Kaito Tsuji

Favorite food(s): Cheese, japanese food, spicy food

Unfavorite food(s): Junk food, B-grade food

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
Cheesecake (cut)/ チーズケーキ(カット) [–16 energy] +3 flowers
Mitarashi dango/みたらし団子 [-8 energy] +2 flowers
Tonic water/トニックウォーター [-8 energy] +2 flowers


Kyoya Date

Favorite food(s): Junk food, B-grade food

Unfavorite food(s): Childish sweets

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
Yakitori/焼き鳥 [-13 energy] +3 flowers
Hamburger/ハンバーガー [-14 energy] + 3 flowers

Kento Fuwa

Favorite food(s): Meat

Unfavorite food(s): Sweets

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
牛丼 [-13 energy] + 3 flowers

Kaito Tsuji

Favorite food(s): Toru Kanzaki

Unfavorite food(s): Sweets

Low energy recipe (From Nattopudding-san):
Cola/コーラ-8 energy +2 flowers
(for 3 flowers, the dishes are all 25 energy and above: Spicy Fried
Rice, Mapo Tofu etc.)

Favorite and unfavorite food to Tokimeki Restaurant's English Wikia
Low-energy recipe of each idols to Nattopudding

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