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How to Play (Basic) Tokimeki Restaurant

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How to cook

It is straight forward. Just click on the arrow (kitchen and table) and there will be list of recipe/food you can choose to cook.

(Kitchen and table, also arrow)

(List of recipe/food)

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How to level up

Every time you cook something, you will gain exp (experience). We can't see the exact number, but we can see the progress. It is on right top. Your icon.

If the green color is filled, you will level up. Every time you level up, you will gain +2 energy.

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What is the meaning of tear drop icon?

You will notice this two icon:

But we will discuss what the teardrop (the right) means.

It means energy. Every time you cook, you will require energy. Each recipe require different recipe. For example, the recipe below (Udon) requires 13 energy.

Your energy will be replenish every 10 minutes (= 10 energy). You can use potion to recover your energy, or every time you level up, your energy will be full back.

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What is the meaning of :| emotion icon?

You will notice this two icon:

But we will discuss what the emotion (the left) means.

It means reputation. It show how popular your restaurant is. There is 5 level of reputation.

Really Bad: >(|
Bad: =(
Normal: =|
Good: =)
Really God: =D

The higher reputation you have, the more/often customer come to your shop.

We start with Normal =|. If you ever gotten Bad/Really Bad reputation, you just need to reset exit the app and reenter and it will be back to Normal.

In my opinion, it isn't hard to raise reputation, so it is ok if it drop.

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Sometimes there is idol's face showing up in emotion/reputation icon. What does that mean?

It means that, that idol is coming to your restaurant soon, or is already in your restaurant.

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A heart showed up above idol's head, what does it mean?

It means there will be event; Either only dialogues or with CG, we never know! To view the event, you simply tap on the heart.

If you have collect 5 of them, you can do a skinship!

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A present icon showed up above customer's head, what does it mean?

It mean, PRESENT! The present is either fever mode (the star circling on icon) or energy (number is random!)

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What is the stars circling on my icon?

If you have played a bit longer, you will encounter this moment. When customer seemed to rush into your restaurant and you did not have enough chair, where there is star circling on icon. It means fever mode.

Benefit of fever mode:
(1) There will be a lot of customer that will rush into your restaurant
(2) The energy to make a recipe become HALF! If the original energy is 20, it will become only 10 in fever mode

But, something to be note:
(1) Fever mode last only 5 customer.
(2) Fever mode after skinship last only 3 customer.

We usually can cook 2-5 food during that time, but there is a way to longer it! In fact, you can cook more than 20 recipe, depending on your energy. Please refer to Tip and Trick section in master post.

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