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Yukihira Style Okakiage -Garnished with a Fluffy Leaf Bud Sauce-

Ingredients (for 4 people):
2 cod fillets
8 piece of shrimp
200g of squid
6 scallo adductor muscles

100g of Kaki no Tane
Suitable amounts of wheat flour and salt
1 egg
2 tablespoons of salad oil
A suitable amount of leaf buds

Suitable amount of perilla and lemon


  1. - Cut off the tips of the shrimp's tails and remove the moisture from the bodies, make a cut along their back and remove their sand veins (digestive tracts). Make cut on the shrimp's stomach and pin them back down and stretch them so they won't bed backwards
    - Cut the squid into bite-size pieces using a grid pattern.
    - Cut the scallop into 2 equally thick parts and the cod in halves
    - Cut the leaf buds finely

  2. - Beat the Kaki no Tane in a food processor until they're ground into small pieces
    - Separate the egg's yolk and white

  3. Coat the shrimp, squid, scallops, and cod with low-viscosity wheat flour, scrambled egg white and Kaki no Tane in that order and deep-fry them in oil at 170C for 3 minutes

  4. Making the sauce:
    - Put the egg yolk and salt in a bowl and mix them. Continue mixing while gradually adding salad oil.
    - Put the leaf buds from (1) in and adjust the flavor using salt

  5. Arrange (3) on a dish with perilla spread out on it, garnish it with the sauce from (4) and a lemon wedge and it's complete!

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