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Chicken Leg Meat Grilled with Spices -Garnished with Green Sauce-

Ingredients (for 2 people):
1 piece of chicken leg meat
Half of a teaspoon of sesame oil
8 perilla leaves
10g of green sping onion
A quater of a teaspoon of Yuzukoshou
15g of toasted sesame seeds
1 tablespoon of salted fish entrails
4 tablespoons of sake
1 tablespoon of mirin
1 teaspoon of salt
A suitable amount of soy sauce
A suitable amount of shiraga negi
(spring onion cut into thin strips)


  1. Remove the tendons of the chicken leg meat and stick the skin side with a fork in various places

  2. Put (A) and the chicken leg meat from (1) in a plastic bag and knead it firmly, then let it rest in the refrigerator for more than an hour

  3. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan and began frying the chicken leg meat with the skin side. Once it's brown, flip it over and fry the other side for 3 minutes, spread parchment paper on baking sheet and put the meat on it, skin-side up, then cook it in an oven that was preheated to 220C for 20 minutes

  4. Making the Japanese-style salsa verde:
    Put (B) in a food processor and mix it, adjusting the flavor with soy sauces

  5. Cut (3) in slices, put plenty of shiraga negi on them, garnish the dish with the Japanese-style salsa verde, and it's complete!

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