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Short announcement about ねこあつめ

The project that is started from 27 March 2015; Complete list of toys + how much receiving fishes (min to max) is 100% completed.

ねこあつめ's topic is officially closed from the blog and posts will not be updated (New FAQ, or announcement is exception).

Post that will not be updated such as the new played good or the new information of the receiving fish (unless there is bulk of them)

But, everything will still be working like usual.

  • Reader is free to comment on the new played goods/toys of (cat's name)
  • Reader is free to comment on the goods/toys how many fishes they received
  • Reader is free to comment their question or confusion on the post. I will answer like usual.

  • It is strongly suggested to check the comment section on cat's post for new played goods. Since the post will not be updated, the comment from other reader is the latest information.
  • It is strongly suggested to read through the master post first. If you do not find the answer toward your question, please don't hesitated to leave a comment.

Lastly, I hope you have fun on playing ねこあつめ! Since the creator themselves aimed for "The cats that gather in our backyard, just looking at them is comforting. It is basically that kind of app."


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But as usual, feel free to comment the blog! The comments from other user is always the latest information, especially for nekoatsume. Please don't depend only on the post!

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