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There is no background in the menu! (iOS user)

Hello, I have gotten few comment ([!!]Updated at 00:20 AM, dang, my finger slipped orz) from iOS user that there is no background menu.

To put a long story short,

(1) An comment from Jennie-san, had quirk my attention; 'Could it be that the background tab is only unlocked after you purchase the house in the shop?'

(2) An comment from Xeya-san (hello!) who is an iOS user too, answered in this post; "I don't know if you can only buy the backgrounds with the house expansion, but I do have the extra backgrounds on iOS :3"

(3) I have ask few friends who use iOS too about their Nekoatsume. All of them had 2nd floor (house expansion) since version 1.1.6, so when they updated to version 1.2.0, the background option is there.

From the pattern above, I think that we need to buy 2nd floor (house expansion/on the last page of shopping list that cost 180 golden fish) before we can buy background.

P.S. Please note that I may wrong, I may be not. I didn't try it by myself (I don't have iOS phone anymore), nor does anyone I asked at (3) reset their Nekoatsume to beginning to check this. ( _ _)

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Hello it's me again :)
It's true, I just bought the house expension for 180 golden fish, and the background tab is now unlocked!!
I can now buy the different backyards~
  • 2015.04.19(Sun)
  • Jennie
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I have the second floor but the remodeling option is lnt available for me. Why?
  • 2015.06.15(Mon)
  • Anonymous
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