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Nekoatsume's Menu in English

Concering the point that Xeya-san have point out (Thank you so much!):
Also, there is another background you didn't show, the modern background! Also , people might have a hard time finding the background tab, I was expecting it to be under shop, but it was under もようがえ

I have made this image via photoshop.

- Cat: Is where you can see every cat that have visit in your backyard
- Store: Where you buy goods/toys
- Toys: Where you can see/place the goods or toys that you have bought
- Camera: Where you can take pictures of cats (you can move to square/focus according to your liking!) or backyard
- Fish: Where you can receive the fishes that cats gives you
- Settings: Settings of sound/bgm
- Treasure: Where you can view treasure that is given by the cats
- Help: Explanation of how to play and the icons in the menu
- Makeover: (Version 1.2.0 up!) where you can buy/change backyard
- News
- Communicate: Where you can send feedback/contact Nekoatsume

I hope this post can be useful!

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