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[Toys] まり

Name: まり (Mari) - [English translation is still uncertain, if you know what it mean, please help us by comment below!]
Price: 25 golden fishes
Raging received fish: Please refer to this post

Received fish (17) to Maiime-san
Received fish (02-26) to Maiime-san

Please help us by commenting below how much fishes you received using this toy!

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I got 17 fishes
  • 2015.04.08(Wed)
  • maime
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Re: No title

> I got 17 fishes

Thank you so much!
  • 2015.04.08(Wed)
  • Kuroo くろー
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Re: No title

Thank you so much!!
  • 2015.04.13(Mon)
  • Kuroo くろー
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Temari! Love them. I don't know if there's an English translation other than "Japanese thread balls". Here's a website with info about them: http://www.temari.com/

They're fun to make - this page has directions for getting started: http://www.japanesetemari.com/freepatterns/make-a-temari-ball/directions-make-temari.html

Thank you for all this wonderful Neko atsume information!
  • 2015.05.07(Thu)
  • Lexica
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