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[Cat] あかさびさん Akasabi-san


Personality: 慎重派 (Shinchō-ha) - Cautious (Literal translation: Really cautious)
Combat power: 80

Played Goods:

Image, and information of played goods is credit to Nekoatsume's Japanese Wiki (http://wikiwiki.jp/nekoatsume/)
Toy (Panel Heater) to Ishido Shuuji-san!

Note: Since 08 April 2015, this post is closed and will not be updated, but everyone can still comment of the others toys that this cat played.

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Akasabi-san has played with the Panel Heater in my garden.

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> Akasabi-san has played with the Panel Heater in my garden.

Thank you so much!
  • 2015.04.08(Wed)
  • Kuroo くろー
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Akasabi-San is playing with the cardboard box that has a picture of fruit on it (100 silver sardines) in my garden!
  • 2015.04.16(Thu)
  • Chiyo
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Akasabi-san has played with Mari
  • 2015.04.21(Tue)
  • Anonymous
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Akasabi-san has played with Athletic Tower too! (Not EX, bought with silver fishes)
  • 2015.04.21(Tue)
  • Anonymous
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あかさびさん has played with the 2 stage tower as well!

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