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Don't blame yourself for the bad decision or choice you made

Because, you made that choice based on your best knowledge at that moment.

Articles → 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Blame Yourself for Bad Choices

Since yesterday I was blaming myself for a problem. I felt bad. I don't want that feeling. Despite that, it nagged me, as though saying 'You should feel bad for making such choice!'. So, I seek for something; articles, books, etc on how to stop blaming myself and I stumbled upon this article. It speaks to me and I feel like sharing it here. I hope it can be slightly useful.

Short update for Nekoatsume:
Currently I'm trying whether expensive food (bought using gold fish) have a large chance of getting gold fish back or not. (It is Megan-san's question. Thank you so much for the question! It can be useful for others too (*´ ˘ `*)♡) It'll take around 2-3 days for me to try all three of them and write a post about it.

If you have question, feel free to drop by!

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