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Xeya-san's received fishes data collecting

I started keeping the data of the toys. I calculated the average silver fish, average gold fish, and amount of "net" of each, as in if you were to buy the 10 gold fish for 500 silver and so on. I'm going to keep collecting and updating this as I get more cat visits (I have Neko Atsume on all my devices xD )


Xeya-san's did it by taking 49 visit's data before taking the minimum and maximum. Just click on the link above to see! I can say it is highly accurate (and not to mention, you got me hooked with this method!)

Lastly, I would like to say a deep thank you, once more to Xeya-san and everyone who (Anonymous, Michi-san, Pau-san, and Francie-san) is helping out.

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