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When to Refill Food?

Hello! This is a short post I want to write.

Neko atsume's food is finished every 8 hours. (Unless, you bought the gold food and this guy ate it) but normally it lasts that long.

So, if you check in every 8h, it can fasten how much you get fish per day! (i.e. If you are currently getting 50 fish per food, then if you check in 3 time a day (8h x 3 = 24h = a day), you'll get 150 fish (50x3)!

Hope this post can be a bit useful for you!

There is some stuff I wanted to say;
> Regarding Collecting Fish Part 2's post, if anyone has another line-up toys which get more fishes, or to bring out a certain cats or others and would like to write about it and shared about it, you can email me and feature a post about it! (I think this is what we normally called guest post? wwwww.. I can link to your blog or you can keep anonymous/with a nickname!) (Sharing information is really awesome after all, hshshs)
> If you have question, feel free to drop by comment! (There is option to where to put your comment public or only I can see). I'm really happy to hear what you think/thought/question/others!

A marathon of writing 3 long post wwwww, a new record for me!
This post is revised at 07/03/2015

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