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Rare Cat Part 1

This post is deleted.

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Inside Japan's 100 Yen Store (Virtual Tour)

Recently, I was curious what product is sold in 100 Yen's Store, but I still couldn't find the catalog or product section online. But I stumbled upon this blog post "Inside a Japanese dollar store! (AKA the 100 yen shop)" and thought of sharing it here ^q^



Hello, this is Kuroo! This blog mainly act like my journal. I occasionally post things that I think might be useful, on the other time, I might write journal. and stuff that excited me.

I hope you find it a little bit entertaining or useful!

I understand a little bit of Japanese, but I want to be good at it. I usually study by doing, so if you leave a comment in Japanese, I want to say thank you so much! It can be references for my study.




How to play Neko atsume (ねこあつめ)

1) We buy toys for the cats
> Tap on the left upper screen; where there is cat's paw
> Tap on the green box with shopping bag icon

> Double tap on the toys we want to buy

> 『はい』 for "yes" or 『いいえ』 for "no" to confirm purchase

2) Place the toy on the garden
> Tap on the left upper screen; where there is cat's paw again
> Tap on the yellow box with box and ball icon

> Choose which toy you want to put
> Double tap it

> Tap on the available (yellow circled) area

3) Wait for the cats to come and play with the toys!

> After the cat leave, s/he will give you 'fish'
> Tap on the right lower screen; beside the golden fish counter

> Tap on 『一気にうけどる Ikki ni ukedoru』 which mean "receive at once"

Collect fish (and golden fish) and repeat; Buy, place, look at the cats playing with the toys. Enjoy!

(This post is revised at 27-March-2015)

Neko atsume (ねこあつめ) or Gather the cat!

Neko atsume (ねこあつめ) is a recently popular game among Japanese artist. I seen a lot of screenshot in my Twitter timeline. Stuff happened and I ended up finding the app name www

From their official website (you can check it here)

Which is roughly translated into;
『The cats that gather in our backyard,
just looking at them is comforting.
It is basically that kind of app.』

Next post: How to play

(This post is revised at 19-April-2015)



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