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How to download or update androd app in Japan or outside region directly from Play Store

Regarding my post How to Update or Download Nekoatsume ねこあつめ (Android and via App Store), I realized that the same steps can be used to download any games/app in Japan or outside region. The steps is the same.

1) Download TigerVPN from App Store. It is available worldwide.

2) Go to setting > App > Play store > Tap force close/exit/whatever option it is to stop the app. (In my phone, MIUI v5 option is 'exit')

3) Clear cache and clear data too

4) Open TigerVPN. You can choose to create new account OR you can just choose 'Free 500mb' (I choose 500mb)

5) Change the location. Look at the lower left of screen where there is flag. Tap that flag and the options like in the picture below will appear.

6) Choose Japan and the flag will change. Then tapped on 'connect'

7) Tapped on 'I trust this application' then tapped 'Ok'

8) There will be a key icon on your notification bar, indicating that you are connected. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CONNECT ALL WAY TO THE END OF THE PROCESS or you'll need to start over from step 1.

9) Go to app store, the usual 'I agree' and wa-lah! (You can know that you're really in Japan region if the home is in Japanese. See image)

10) Search for app you want to download!

If your Play Store didn't work after connected to TigerVPN, try this;
(1) Before connecting to TigerVPN, force close, clear data and clear cache.
(2) Then go to Setting > Google > Remove (every) account
(3) Connect to TigerVPN
(4) Go to Play Store
(5) Login existing account

Credited to Chibi-san! who pointed this trouble and solve it. Thank you so much!

What does "FRBご自由に" mean?

I have seen the sentences above almost everywhere in Japanese artist's profile (Twitter) and I have been wondering what it is. I couldn't find anything when I search on google (in English) but when I change it to search in Japanese, I found out (*´ ˘ `*)♡

FRB stand for フォロー (follow), リムーブ(remove) and ブロック (block)

ご自由に mean 'You're free to'

So, FRBご自由に means You're free to follow, remove and block (me).

How to turn off Mini Word Editor or FCKEditor in FC2 Blog

(P.S. Skip to the last picture if you are in hurry/prefer to get straight to the point!)

Recently I have stumbled over this option when writing a post
where it become mini word office, it was beautiful and easy to center a text, bold and it change immediately. Literally like word.

But despite that I still like the good ol' toolbox where it is minimalist and we have to manually enter the HTMl code. I preferred this toolbox because it is easier to resize an image without losing its quality (and I did that a lot of resizing here wwwww)


But wait! I couldn't find the option to turn it off and revert it back. I was stuck with this toolbox for few days. It was frustrating because I have to manually resizing all the image.

Though, after finish writing the previous posts, I decided to touch it here and there and found the way out /Cheers!!/

Just click on the faded color "W" beside setting and you are set back to the default toolbox!

I hope this article can be slightly useful for you!

Don't blame yourself for the bad decision or choice you made

Because, you made that choice based on your best knowledge at that moment.

Articles → 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Blame Yourself for Bad Choices

Since yesterday I was blaming myself for a problem. I felt bad. I don't want that feeling. Despite that, it nagged me, as though saying 'You should feel bad for making such choice!'. So, I seek for something; articles, books, etc on how to stop blaming myself and I stumbled upon this article. It speaks to me and I feel like sharing it here. I hope it can be slightly useful.

Short update for Nekoatsume:
Currently I'm trying whether expensive food (bought using gold fish) have a large chance of getting gold fish back or not. (It is Megan-san's question. Thank you so much for the question! It can be useful for others too (*´ ˘ `*)♡) It'll take around 2-3 days for me to try all three of them and write a post about it.

If you have question, feel free to drop by!

Inside Japan's 100 Yen Store (Virtual Tour)

Recently, I was curious what product is sold in 100 Yen's Store, but I still couldn't find the catalog or product section online. But I stumbled upon this blog post "Inside a Japanese dollar store! (AKA the 100 yen shop)" and thought of sharing it here ^q^



But as usual, feel free to comment the blog! The comments from other user is always the latest information, especially for nekoatsume. Please don't depend only on the post!

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