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[Cat] なべねこさん / Nabeneko-san

Personality: 大艦巨砲主義 (Daikankyohō shugi) - (English translation unknown)
Combat Power: 111

Played Goods:

Image, and information of played goods is credit to Nekoatsume's Japanese Wiki (http://wikiwiki.jp/nekoatsume/)

Note: Since 08 April 2015, this post is closed and will not be updated, but everyone can still comment of the others toys that this cat played.

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helmet from Edo period looks just like the bowl the cat plays in:


*the circle design is very similar, and the two sides that protrude, are the front and back of the helmet.

wiki says: A daikan (代官?) was a magistrate in Japanese history; see for example Daikansho. This is during Edo era.

Kyōhō (享保?) was a Japanese era name, which takes place during the Edo era in japan. b asically the 1700's

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Nabe means pot or cooking pot, so his name translates to Mr. Cooking Pot.

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