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[Cat] はいしろさん / Haishiro-san

Personality: 高級志向 (Kōkyū shikō) - A cat who are oriented to luxury (Long translation; "高級" mean luxury, high-class while "志向" means intention and oriented. Adding both words "志向" become intentioned to or oriented to, luxury or high-class (高級). It 'seems' (not 100% sure) to imply towards the toys the cat choose to play)
Combat Power: 100

Played Goods:

Image, played goods to http://wikiwiki.jp/nekoatsume/)
"High class" to Kizu-san
"Ambitious" to Michi-san

Note: Since 08 April 2015, this post is closed and will not be updated, but everyone can still comment of the others toys that this cat played.

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I think the personality 高級志向 is something like "high class" but I'm not completely certain
  • 2015.04.04(Sat)
  • kizu
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To Kizu-san and Michi-san:

Thank you so much for helping out! I have update the post with both of your translation in the post, and edit with my own, hopefully you don't mind.
  • 2015.04.07(Tue)
  • Kuroo くろー
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hashiro-san will use deluxe house! they are peeking out the little window in my garden right now
  • 2015.05.02(Sat)
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Haishiro-san also likes the モダンタワー (Modantawaa) - Modern Tower.



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